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Backhus Laneturner LT27-50
BackHus A70-75

BACKHUS Equipment Sales

The BACKHUS A-series delivers the highest efficiency, together with smart design features for intuitive customisation, to achieve:

  • High capacity throughput
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Customizable for any task
  • Advanced tailgate design

Leaders in Windrow Turner technology…

  • Comfortable and easily accessible panoramic cabin
  • Easy access for routine maintenance and service
  • Long list of standard features
  • Outstanding performance for professional applications

The A Series is currently made up of 12 different models of windrow turner ranging from the BACKHUS A 30 to the BACKHUS A 75 – with the digits referring to a model’s maximum working breadth (for example, the BACKHUS A 50 turns heaps up to 5m wide). This means the company can provide the ideal machine for every task. The BACKHUS A 30 is not only robust and compact but also easy to use and low-maintenance while the BACKHUS A 75 – the largest mass-produced turner in existence – can turn soil at a staggering rate of 6,800 m³/h. 

All of the machines in the new line feature enhanced levels of comfort in the driver’s cabin, state-of-the-art fittings and simplified access to elements relevant to maintenance and inspections. The BACKHUS A Series replaces the 6, 16, 17, and 21 Series.

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JENZ Equipment Sales

A machine for the heaviest industrial use

Whether it be green waste, roots or old wood, this shredder stops at nothing.

The feeder is generously designed is with the largest loading vehicles in mind.

Online Diagnostics keep service costs to a minimum and the foreign body detection IPS protects the machine even under the toughest conditions before unplanned outages.

This machine is the real deal.

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tana520 Landfill compactor
Tana foto-new-shark-440dt
tana520 Landfill compactor
Tana foto-new-shark-440dt

TANA Equipment Sales

Waste Compactors

TANA landfill compactors are reaching a minimum of 10% better compaction rate than any other landfill compactor on the market.

This highest rate of compaction is achieved by TANA’s unique design: the rigid frame utilizes the weight of the machine through the twin drums.

The end result is a smooth, firmly compacted area. The waste trucks can drive safely and quickly to the tipping area for unloading with minimized risk of vehicle breakdowns caused by unevenly compacted ground.


Versatility like no other! TANA professional waste shredders are capable of shredding difficult materials such as mattresses, tyres, cables, ragger wire, municipal solid waste (MSW), or construction and demolition waste. Thus you will be able to both recover valuable materials and reduce the waste volume.

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Terra Select W70 - Windsifter
Terra Trommel Screen T-70
Terra Trommel Screen T-30
Terra Trommel Screen T-50

TERRA SELECT Equipment Sales

Heavy screening material, for example wet compost, is no problem for these machines. The long screening drums are suitable for screening any type of waste.

The German engineered trommel screen has been designed with many innovative features including, the ability to reverse the trommel drum without any problems for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Also, all conveyor rollers are equipped with screwable flanges for easy maintenance, meaning that in the event of any bearing damage, it is not necessary. to do a complete change of conveyor rollers.

All Terra Select machines are robust and reliable.

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