tana520 Landfill compactor
Tana foto-new-shark-440dt
tana520 Landfill compactor
Tana foto-new-shark-440dt

Since 1971, TANA has been a globally recognised name for waste shredders and landfill compactors. From premium designs to high-end manufacturing, the TANA range delivers a flawless and efficient performance that will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

TANA Waste Shredders for Sale

With versatility like no other, TANA’s professional waste shredders are capable of shredding difficult materials such as mattresses, tyres, cables, ragger wire, municipal solid waste, timber, green waste, bulk plastic, loose paper and much more.

Please note that TANA waste shredders cannot be used to shred metal, concrete, stone, bricks or large earthmoving machine tyres.

The TANA waste shredder systems we have for sale at NVG will increase the productivity of your business, helping to recover valuable materials and reduce waste volume quickly and efficiently.

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TANA landfill compactors deliver a high-quality performance like no other. They achieve a compaction rate that’s at least 10% better than any other compactor on the market. Backed by innovative technology, TANA compactors create a smooth, firmly compacted area every time.

TANA landfill compactors also offer increased accuracy and lower fuel consumption compared to a four wheeled landfill compactor.

To find out more about our TANA waste shredders and landfill compactors, please don’t hesitate to give NVG a call on 03 4367 7834 or send us an enquiry online now.

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