Reduced Cost Of Labour!

Simply put, we don’t charge as much for labour as dealerships.

Question: Why do dealerships charge a markup for labour?

Answer: Because they can!

For the same job and for the same quality of service a dealership will easily cost 30% more just in labour costs compared to an independant repairer.

NVG’s hourly rate for technician labour is $110 p/hr at the workshop and $120p/hr on-site excluding GST. This is directly comparable to the standard dealership labour cost of $150-$160p/hr!!

The difference in cost of labour alone will save you hundreds of dollars per year for a single truck and thousands when maintaining a fleet of trucks.

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Advice to reduce the costs of parts!

The cost of parts differs greatly depending on whether the part is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), OE (Original Equipment) or Aftermarket (lowest cost option). All parts should come with a warranty.

The option of using OEM, OE or Aftermarket parts is a personal one and is often a decision that is unique to your businesses circumstances.

If cost is driving your decision then aftermarket parts may the best choice and will save you the most money with little difference to your truck’s performance in the long run.

If you want to use parts that come directly from the manufacturer then great!

If you are unsure which part is the best for performance and cost we will happily make a recommendation that will give you peace of mind in regards to both cost and performance.

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Are You Servicing Your Truck At A Dealership When Your Truck Is Out Of Warranty?

If yes, it is this scenario where NVG can reduce your truck maintenance costs the most and save you the most money by reducing the cost of labour and the cost of parts compered to a dealership!


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