Here at NVG, we offer the expert truck repair you can rely on to keep your business moving. From steering and suspension repairs to exhaust repairs and replacements, our team have the necessary expertise to get your truck or your fleet back on the road in working order.

We can perform air conditioner repairs or re-gassing, and can diagnose and repair any issues with clutches and transmissions, engines, PTO units, cooling, or auto electrical systems.

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Steering and Suspension Truck Repairs Melbourne Can Count On

Steering and suspension are put under greater strain in heavier vehicles, which can cause issues with the truck’s handling and overall comfort. Any issues will be compacted when vehicles are in daily use for extended periods of time. To help ensure the safety of all road users, and the reliability and comfort of your fleet, we offer the truck repairs Melbourne can count on to keep their vehicles tracking straight and true.

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The Truck Mechanic Melbourne Can Turn to for Reliable Logbook Servicing

If you want to protect the manufacturer’s warranty for your truck (or fleet) then trust NVG as the truck mechanic Melbourne locals turn to for reliable logbook servicing.

We can carry out all scheduled servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements, so that you have complete peace of mind.

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Air Conditioning Repairs and Truck Servicing for Melbourne

Sometimes it’s not until the summer months that you find your air conditioning systems have suffered from neglect over the winter. When they bring their truck for servicing Melbourne customers can count on our team to replace any cracked or leaking hosing, and to repair the air conditioning unit and compressor before re-gassing the system with the right refrigerants.

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The Mobile Diesel Mechanic for Melbourne and the Nearby Suburbs

If you’re unable to bring your truck to us, then we will come to you. We are the emergency mobile mechanic and diesel mechanic Melbourne locals can call on. Our business is to get your business moving again.

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